Staging, Logistics and Technical Assistance

  • Payment Terminals

    Full Service Refurbish and Upgrade

  • Point of Sale

    Plataformado, Roll Out Projects and Technical Assistance

  • Cash Acceptors and Recycler

    Installation, Logistics and Technical Assistance

  • Mobile Payment Solutions

    Efficient Payment Systems

  • Management and Control of Payment Devices

    Integrated Management Tool

About us

Atm Plataforma Única is a technology services company for Payment Solutions in Banking, Retail and Utilities
Our business customer model is focused on the binomial:

Unique Integrator = Greater Efficiency

Soluciones y Eficiencia


Integrating the different areas of the technological process of each solution: Consulting, Equipments, Software, Installation, Support, Maintenance and other Services.
This strategy allows full integration process to ensures Cost Savings and avoids the loss of efficiency.


We think that the most important thing is to provide customer benefit through Comprehensive and Quality Solutions.
Our solutions contribute to improving the efficiency, helping processes and making Payment Solution Processes become a competitive advantage for the customers.

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